Community Health Partnership of Illinois

Please contact your state senator(s) today to ask them to co-sponsor SB3727 to protect health centers and the 340B Drug Discount Program!
This is a critical week and we need to show support to legislative leaders by garnering as many cosponsors as possible.
Ask Your State Senator to Cosponsor 340B Protection Legislation!
Pharmaceutical companies are limiting the dispensing of lifesaving medications acquired through the 340B program by placing restrictions on health centers and their contract pharmacies, thereby hindering access to care and exacerbating health disparities.
SB3727 (Sponsored by Senator Ann Gillespie) – The Illinois Patient Access to 340B Pharmacy Protection Act – prohibits pharmaceutical manufacturers from placing restrictions on community health centers and their pharmacies that interfere with their ability to dispense medications to their patients. IPHCA is supporting this legislation in partnership with the Illinois Health and Hospital Association, to ensure that the medications needed by patients are available at their local pharmacies and to generate savings used to increase access to healthcare services.