Community Health Partnership of Illinois

Transportation Program

Transportation Program

In 2021, Community Health Partnership of Illinois contracted with Kaizen Health, a transportation logistics company, to improve patient adherence to care, improve patient access and relieve the financial burden of our patients so that they can focus on accessing seamless transportation to and from treatment. Kaizen Health patient transportation supports our patient access strategy in the following five ways:

Care coordination that sets up initial and follow-up medical transportation Appointments.

Schedule Rides to/from clinic appointments.

Patient Reminders of upcoming rides.

Patient Confirmations and pickup for appointments.

Drivers Pick Up patients and take them to their appointments.

All CHP patients, regardless of their chosen CHP Health Center, are eligible for these services. This service is provided free of cost to CHP patients. If you are a first-time patient, please speak with the Front Office Assistant at your CHP Health Center for more details.

Please call the CHP Health Center in your area (you will find the phone number of each site in the “Locations” section of our website) to schedule your appointment. Be sure to request transportation if you need a ride to/from your clinic appointment.

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