Community Health Partnership of Illinois

Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Patient Rights and Responsibilities


As our patient, you have a right to:

  • Considerate and respectful care regardless of your race, color, national origin, religion, disability, immigration status, gender, sexual orientation, age, type of illness, or ability to pay.
  • Expect a reasonable response to your request for services, referral, and/or transfer of care.
  • High-quality care consistent with current recommended standards of care.
  • Language services through an interpreter or language line service.


  • Confidential treatment of your protected health and personal information and privacy in the conduct of your healthcare services as permitted by law.

Information about your treatment

  • Know the names of the providers and staff involved in your care and when students, residents or other trainees are present.
  • Receive complete and understandable information regarding diagnosis, treatment, procedures and/or probable duration of incapacitation, necessary to give informed consent.
  • Information concerning care and treatment alternatives when they are available.

Participate in decisions about your care

  • Make decisions involving your care in collaboration with your healthcare professionals, including the right to accept care or to refuse treatment to the extent permitted by law, and to be informed of medical consequences of such refusal.
  • Consent to decline participation in research or teaching projects without compromising your access to services.
  • Expect reasonable continuity of providers in your care, including the advance schedules of when and where your primary care givers are available.
  • Information regarding CHP’s professional relationships to other healthcare institutions or providers.
  • Review your healthcare records with your healthcare professional present.

Examine and understand your bill

  • Examine financial fees, charges and third-party payments and receive full explanations, regardless of your source of payment for services.

Have a concern or conflict resolved

  • To speak to the clinic director to express concerns or criticisms of treatment or services received.
  • If you feel your concerns have not been addressed or resolved adequately by the clinic director, please call the patient services representative at CHP’s administrative office by dialing (312) 795-0000 ext. 225.


Keep your appointments

  • Contact the clinic at least 24 hours in advance if you are unable to keep your appointments. If you do not come for your scheduled visit, or if you cancel with less than 24 hours advance notice for more than one appointment within six months, you may be put on a “walk-in-only” status. At the time you are placed on “walk-in-only” status, you will not be able to make a scheduled clinic appointment at any of our clinics for a period of three months. “Walk-in-only” status patients will only be seen on a walk-in basis and are required to schedule a face-to-face meeting with the clinic director, dental program manager or other covering staff as soon as possible. At this meeting we will discuss how you can best meet our policy expectations.

Be honest and communicate

  • Provide an accurate and complete health history and tell those caring for you exactly how you feel about the things happening to you.
  • Give honest and accurate financial and personal information when applying for assistance programs.
  • Tell us about any changes in your health and about any change in your financial status or contact information, including phone, address and emergency contacts.

Be an active patient

  • Be informed about your health problems. If you do not understand your illness or treatment, ask your health care team to explain it to you.
  • Make sure you understand the clinic rules and regulations that apply to patients.
  • Be considerate of other patients, clinic staff and clinic property.

Follow the treatment plan

  • Talk with your healthcare team members if you are unable to follow your treatment plan.

Know your medications

  • Know the names and purposes of the medications you are taking.
  • Let your providers know all medications you are taking, including herbal and over the counter medications. It is best to bring these medications in their original packaging with you to your first appointment.

Pay your bills

  • Keep your financial account with CHP in good standing by paying your bill as promptly as possible.

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