Community Health Partnership of Illinois

Clinical Outreach

Clinical Outreach

Health outreach and screening

Our dedicated outreach teams frequently visit the farms and nurseries where our agricultural worker patients spend most of their days. We are welcomed on-site by their employers because of the positive relationships we’ve nurtured with them over the years.

We also team up to do outreach with various community partners, including Migrant Education Program recruiters and Head Start Family Service coordinators.

Our outreach efforts focus on:

  • Establishing trust within the communities we serve so we can guide and educate them on relevant health issues.
  • Enrolling patients and their families in our programs so they can see a healthcare professional whenever they need care.
  • Conducting health risk assessments, including an inventory of health behaviors that impact health status, so we can offer appropriate guidance to reduce health risks and enable patients to live healthier lives.
  • Providing health screenings like blood pressure, blood glucose screening and HIV testing so patients can begin follow-up as soon as possible.
  • Assisting with related services like enrollment assistance for the ACA Marketplace, All Kids, Medicaid, WIC and SNAP, so our patients receive the support they need.

What our patients are saying...

​"Places like this are needed in other cities. The personnel here are some of the best!"

​"The best thing is you have an interpreter every time I need one. I hope that this clinic will be here forever."

​"You give me the confidence to ask questions and you always respond well. Thanks for everything!"

​"Continue as you have, being so friendly, because you make us feel safe and confident in the care we receive!"

​"Thanks to the care I received from your nurse practitioner, and all the work your clinic did to help me get the physical therapy I needed, I finally felt that someone was listening to me. I now walk straight and without pain. I am very grateful to them for giving me my life back."

We bring our programs and services directly to the communities we serve. You’ll find us where we’re needed most: agricultural worker housing sites, farms and nurseries, schools, community events, and the neighborhoods where our patients live. 

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