Community Health Partnership of Illinois

Our roots are in the fields.

National Farmworker Awareness Week is a call to action for communities to help raise awareness of the millions of essential workers that plant, raise, grow, handle, harvest, pack and ship the food we consume. This commemorative week is observed from March 25-31, in honor of farmworkers that make having access to fresh, high-quality food every day of the year possible.
Want to help?
Your support ensures that migrant farmworkers only making around $4,000 a year, can have access to quality healthcare. Healthcare services provided in an environment that respects their dignity and recognizes the sacrifices they make. Your support can help provide care for these incredibly hard working people AND their families.
The farmworkers that travel to Illinois each year aren’t thinking of some noble cause of feeding America. They’re trying to survive, to make a living to support their families the only way they knowhow, by hard work.
Still, you and I can show our gratitude. Your donation to CHP helps provide high-quality healthcare to medically underserved individuals in rural Illinois communities. Last year alone, CHP served more than 10,000 individuals across its clinics located in Aurora, Harvard, Kankakee, Mendota, Champaign and Princeville.
CHP provides for all the things every family needs, pre-natal and post-natal care, immunizations, preventive screenings, dental care, medications. Additionally, CHP also recognizes and treats injuries and diseases unique to farm laborers. Along with your support CHP empowers individuals, including the uninsured, underserved, migrants and seasonal agricultural workers, to attain their best health and well-being.
Consider what your table would look like without the corn, wheat, greens, apples, and pumpkins that were grown on Illinois farms. Those crops were sown, tended, and harvested by the laborers that CHP cares for.
With your donation to CHP, we can thank a farmworker!