Community Health Partnership of Illinois


As 2021 ends, we have much to be thankful for, despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

As we look back at the challenging times and terrible loses that we suffer as a country this past year, we cannot forget the sacrifices that all the health center community, and specifically CHP, endured.

We want to take a moment to commemorate the amazing work that the health sector accomplished in 2021.

Keeping the doors open through very difficult times and providing daily services to our communities, is our biggest success this year. CHP could not have done it without the astounding staff, Board and partners who supported our organization.

CHP is proud of the work that we did to support our communities. We were on the front line facing this pandemic and came out stronger and are ready to face a new year.

Finally, we also want to the thank the communities we serve. You are the reason we exist!

Happy Holidays and a safe 2022 from CHP!