Community Health Partnership of Illinois

Dear CHP Family:

Memorial Day is fast approaching. While this day is typically spent recalling the valor of men and women who died in combat, we must never forget those quiet professionals who answered that noble calling to serve the people of the United States in peacetime as well. On this day, let us remember our blessings in form of soldiers and veterans who give away everything to provide us secure life.  To all our Veterans we Thank You.

Unfortunately at this time, we are forced to process our emotions once again during another time of tragedy. Once again, the nation has faced the tragedy of lives lost in yet another mass shooting. To our staff and patients, we want you to know we share the pain and concern.  Our hearts are broken-again.

The Board and staff at CHP is sending our love and prayers. We can’t image the pain of the families.  The loss of innocent lives is beyond comprehension.

Please be safe as you plan your holiday celebrations, model a sense of calm as much as you can during this time try your best reaffirm safely during this time of chaos.

Happy Memorial Day to you and your families.

Eleace Sawyers