Community Health Partnership of Illinois

Community Health Partnership of Illinois (CHP) is hosting its “2022 Annual Harvest Fest Gala”, an event that will recognize and honor our Illinois farmworkers who work tirelessly to provide the food that we eat every day.
This event will be held at Two Brothers Roundhouse, 205 North Broadway, Aurora Illinois, 60505, Saturday November 19, 2022, starting at 6:00 p.m.
We are raising funds to continue the mission of CHP with efforts to not only make access to primary care available to our farmworkers but to the thousands of uninsured and underserved community residents we serve. Attached you will find a copy of our program which list multiple ways in which you can support this effort. In addition to selecting one of our many sponsorship levels, you may:
▪ Pledge a donation
▪ Donate an item for the event auction or
▪ Purchase an Ad for your organization
Annual Fund contributions provide support for the organization’s top initiatives including support for patients that cannot otherwise pay for medical services, dental services, Lab services, pharmacy services, technology upgrades, staff support, student volunteers programs, internship opportunities, health center beautification projects, patient transportation services to and from appointments, patient outreach/education , and chronic disease patient programs. CHP operates on a sliding scale fee scale model where patients pays as little as $20 for care for those who do not have insurance. No one is refused primary healthcare regardless of ability to pay.
To donate click here: Paypal. 
For more information call: (773) 415-3195